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INFADOLAN is a medical grade regenerative, protective ointment* with vitamins A + D and Lanolin.


INFADOLAN is the best choice for micro-needling/dermarolling after care: it contains vitamin A in non-acid form (0.1% Retinyl Acetate) that doesn’t irritate the skin when the skin is “open”.

INFADOLAN’s main indication is a treatment of first degree burns. Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) has been shown to be a potent agonist of the Vitamin D receptor which stimulates glycosaminoglycan synthesis and transforming growth factor TGF-beta 1, thereby accelerating wound healing. Vitamin D2 promotes dermal strength.

INFADOLAN also contains natural Lanolin – an excellent natural occlusive. Occluding scars and stretchmarks after needling postpones peeling, prevents natural skin moisture from escaping and has a beneficial effect on healing.

INFADOLAN is not a cream – it’s an occluding ointment and you should only use a very thin layer. Lanolin helps the Vitamin D enter the skin. Lanolin allergy does not exist.

INFADOLAN can be used for more than micro-needling. It suitable for the following cases:

  • To treat abrasions, cuts
  • To moisturize dry skin anywhere on the body, callous skin, protect back of hands
  • To heal first degree burns, dermatitis and prevent diaper rash
  • To grately diminish wrinkles around the eyes


First of all, some other A + D ointments contain Zinc oxide, which is a mild astringent. An astringent is a chemical substance that shrinks and constricts body tissues. Zinc oxide acts as a skin-drying agent and can act as a skin anti-inflammatory. Astringents cause mild coagulation of skin proteins and that causes the skin to dry up.

Zinc’s drying properties are very beneficial in treating diaper rash, oily skin with acne or any other skin condition where drying the skin is desirable. Zinc oxide is also an excellent sun protection because it reflects the UV rays. After micro-needling though, the “open” skin should be kept as moisturized as possible and that’s why substances with astringent and drying properties are not suitable.

Second, some A + D ointments contain a strong anti-inflammatory ingredient which should not be put on your skin after needling because micro-needling causes a mild, controlled inflammation of your skin. That inflammation triggers collagen induction and that’s why a mild inflammation is desirable and should not be suppressed with strong anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Third, INFADOLAN contains Lanolin which is a very good occlusive and a great natural moisturizer. It is especially useful to occlude the scars with an occlusive ointment after micro-needling to postpone peeling and to prevent natural skin moisture from escaping – moisture is essential for the healing process after micro-needling.  Besides, Lanolin carries vitamin D into the skin.

Forth, INFADOLAN contains a high enough percentage of vitamin A to have a therapeutic effect. Furthermore, vitamin A, containing in INFADOLAN, is of a non-acidic form – Retinol Acetate – the form that doesn’t irritate the skin when the skin is “open”. Bringing ordinary Retin A (Retinoic Acid) into open skin will burn it. The Retinol Acetate is slowly converted to Retinoic Acid inside the skin, thus this process is much better for “open” skin than applying Retinoic Acid directly.

Fifth, for effective healing after micro-needling you must use an ointment: the oil base prevents skin tissue from micro-damage due to oxygen exposure and drying out which interfers with optimal collagen formation.


Volume & Packaging: 30 g tube

Ingredients: Retinyl Acetate – 48 000 IU in 30 g; Vitamin D2 – 9 000 IU in 30 g

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place.

INFADOLAN contains no alcohol and no parabens.

INFADOLAN is manufactured by Herbacos Recordati in Czech Republic.

*The difference between an ointment and a cream lays in the following:

  • An ointment contains neither water nor (Stearyl) alcohol. This makes an ointment very greasy, and the skin absorbs only the medicinals containing in the ointment;


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