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Teosyal Kiss PureSense with 0.3 % lidocaine – increase lip volume naturally and trace lip contours, practically pain-free

Because of their flexibility and strong blood circulation, the lips are a difficult-to-treat area requiring a specially adapted preparation.

Teosyal Kiss PureSense is an innovative, exclusive gel developed specifically for the sensitive lip area. It facilitates the tracing of lip contours and the increase of lip volume, as well as strengthening the corners of the mouth and rehydrating the lips.

Thanks to the active ingredient lidocaine, it is also practically pain-free. Pain during and after the treatment is reduced to a minimum thanks to the inclusion of the local anaesthetic lidocaine.

Teosyal Kiss PureSense is easy to use; it is very viscous and has excellent filling properties.

A very fine needle is used to inject the lips and corners of the mouth, enabling particularly delicate and precise correction.


Ergonomic glass syringes with high-precision grading around a 360-degree rotatable attachment
The syringe is short and easy to hold, allowing the highly viscous product to be easily and precisely injected with absolute control of the quantity being injected
Monophasic, homogeneous gel
Low risk of inflammation: Limited effect of free radicals, the main factors in the breakdown of hyaluronic acid
A fine needle is used to inject the crystal-clear hyaluronic acid gel into the deep layers of the dermis.

Teosyal Kiss PureSense is supplied as a hyaluronic acid ready-to-fill syringe.

Contents: 2 x 1.0ml
25 mg/ml
Syringes: 27G


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