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Dermal Cosmetics is pleased to present its products on the basis of hyaluronic acid which guarantees full medical and patient comfort, satisfaction and reliability both during application and inits biostimulating action.

Treats all types of superficial wrinkles and medium depth and lip contour remodels and increases lip volume.


content 1ml
HA concentration 23 mg / ml
BDDE Crosslinking Agent
Degree of Star Star StarTribulation
Dynamic viscosity 500,000 Pa s
2x 27g

Filler for all solutions

The most recent studies on the clinical chemistry of crosslinking have facilitated the development of a brilliant product that provides a unique solution, satisfying the wishes of physicians and patients. A natural, safe, comfortable and easy to apply and long lasting results.Style is the versatile Jalor Filler for all types of aesthetic corrections.

It is now indisputable that filling and crushing is the only way to achieve total rejuvenation of the face; this is why natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid has an important role in combating and preventing skin aging, allowing skin elasticity and firmness to be regained. The particular formulation of JALOR, with its extremely high concentration of hyaluronic acid (18 mg / 1 ml) combined with a high concentration of glycerol (20 mg / ml) and ultra high molecular weight (3 million Daltons: double gold). Even more importantly, it allows for the recreation of the optimum physiological envi – ronment for fibroblast proliferation and migration and for the neo – synthesis of collagen, elastin and other constituents of the extracellular matrix.


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