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    Filorga Lumitherapist is an LED light stimulator for cellular production to help boost the cell layers. A powerful and safe way to create younger looking skin.
  • What do I receive in the box?
  • 10 ml booster and 1 app led.
  • What are the Benefits of Lumitherapist?
  • Lumitherapist is recommended for:
  • Anti-ageing for visibly younger skin.
    Improve crows feet area of face
    Erase dark spots
    Skin boosting
    Stimulate cellular regeneration
    Radiant complexion
    How should I use Lumitherapist?
  • The entire LUMITHERAPIST® session takes 5 minutes.
  • Place directly onto the skin and initiate the session by moving the device slowly over the skin especially over the areas that require particular focus, such as dark spots or crows feet.
  • Treatment is optimised when eyes are closed.
  • You are able to switch the device off using the black button, however the device will end the session itself when it knows the programme has ended.
  • Use daily morning or evening on cleansed skin.
  • What results should I expect with Lumitherapist?
  • Results are visible after 3-4 weeks with more radiant healthy looking skin.
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